Hair loss is an aesthetically embarrassing symptom for both men and women. Until recently, one of the only possible interventions was hair transplantation. Less invasive and very effective solutions have appeared in recent years in the aesthetic field. 

There are widely used drugs approved by FDA to treat hair loss (alopecia) but they also have adverse dermatological effects such as dryness, local irritation and dermatitis. The Fotona Hair Restoration treatment works in the same way that FDA-approved drugs work, which is to induce hair cycle transition from telogen to anagen phase. The difference is, the Fotona Hair Restoration is a mess-free and affordable alternative without any of the undesirable side effects.


Using a customized protocol, the energy from the laser stimulates dormant hair follicles without anesthesia or surgery.  The Fotona laser is moved back and forth directly on the scalp several times with a crosshatch pattern.  The area will appear red for 24 hours and showering is postponed to the following morning. The treatment area(s) may feel a little tight or swollen, but subsides within a few days and is not noticeable to anyone but the client.

The Fotona Smooth® mode for hair restoration is a revolutionary Er:YAG treatment for controlled and gentle bulk-heating to stimulate dormant hair follicles. Fotona Hair Restoration increases blood flow in the scalp and stimulates metabolism resulting in the production of hair growth. The procedure is completed within 15-20 minutes with very little discomfort, and no need for numbing cream. For optimal results, we recommend that patients book a series of Fotona Hair Restoration, spaced every two weeks.


Losing hair is NOT

an option.

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